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The True Benefits of SEO Agencies (With Case Studies)

Lizzie Midgley-Peters - December 14, 2021
The True Benefits of SEO Agencies (With Case Studies) 2

There are many benefits to hiring an SEO agency if you choose the right one. When choosing the right SEO agency, you want to be sure they can follow through on the benefits they boast.

Here at Dandy, we’ve supported a wide range of clients, helping them grow their online visibility, drive their site traffic and increase sales with our affordable SEO packages.

Here are some of the true benefits of SEO and hiring an SEO expert, supported by real-life results our clients have seen.

Why Hire an SEO Company?

If you are considering hiring an SEO agency, it’s most likely because your website isn’t generating the amount of traffic, leads or sales you want it to.

As a business owner, especially a small business owner, it is crucial that your website generates enough qualified traffic to drive sales. No matter how great your products and services are, if no one can find out about them, no one can buy from you.

In addition to helping make your website visible, great SEO services can help with all kinds of key practices that will improve your online presence and lead generation. These might include:

  • Creating and implementing a content marketing strategy
  • Creating and implementing a qualified outreach strategy
  • Auditing your website & implementing on-site technical SEO fixes

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Why Case Studies are Vital When Choosing an SEO Agency

When considering an SEO agency, it’s important to request their case studies. Even better if these are already displayed on their website.

A thorough understanding of what you are paying for is necessary when making the decision to hire an SEO agency. A great way to find out more about their past work and overall value is to look at some of the case studies they have written up on their website.

If an SEO agency isn’t willing to share their case studies, they could be hiding something. It is a potential red flag so be sure to ask why. They could be new for example which is a legitimate excuse, but everyone that’s been doing SEO for a while should be able to show some results.

We have published some of our key case studies here.

For a deeper, comprehensive understanding of the key benefits of hiring an SEO agency, we have outlined each benefit below, with the numbers and results to back it up.

5 Benefits of SEO Agencies

  1. They take the work off your plate

When you hire an SEO agency they should take care of everything for you. From creating content, to on site optimisations and securing links. All the work that you may not have the time or expertise to do is handed over to them.

Now whilst this is the biggest benefit, it’s also a risk for you as a business owner so you need to make sure you’re really comfortable with the agency you decide to hire. Have a call with them before, make sure you know who’s going to work on your account, ask for case studies (more on that later). Don’t be afraid to ask all the questions you need to ask in order to move forward.

When hiring an SEO agency there are some key things that you need to make sure they are doing though if you’re signing up to an SEO package.

  1. Up-To-Date Technical SEO Audits

When an SEO agency reviews your website, you will get a thorough and accurate picture of how well your website currently performs. This will highlight numerous areas for improvement, allowing the agency to work collaboratively with you on a plan that is right for your business – and one that will work.

In this case study, our first action was to undertake an in-depth technical SEO audit. This included identifying improvements to duplicate page titles, canonical tags, and meta descriptions, as well as missing site maps, missing pagination tags and rectifying incorrect 404 error behaviour.

After the audit, we implemented the technical optimisations we had identified, which included developing a landing page optimisation strategy, updating existing content, meta descriptions and updating the category pages to boost web page rankings. This audit data also allowed us to identify a strong content strategy for us to work from.

Our changes and strategies were a success and we saw numerous pages jump in rankings, including a 569% traffic increase to blog pages.

As outlined here, when we take on a new client, we conduct a full website audit and review using industry-leading SEO expertise and tools. We will outline everything that is working and everything that isn’t and create a plan to tackle it.

These audits also show you where your competitors are getting their links from, helping you to build links more strategically. With tools to help us understand which client content is performing well and why, we utilise our industry knowledge to create results-driven strategy. As you can see in the case study above, the results we implement work.

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The True Benefits of SEO Agencies (With Case Studies) 3
  1. Identifying & Securing First Page Keyword Rankings

First page rankings are vital for any website. When you rank on the first page of Google, your website is more visible to searchers, driving leads and sales for your business. One of the key benefits of using an SEO agency is that they will be able to find keyword opportunities that you can potentially rank for and offer numerous strategies to improve your first page keyword rankings.

A great way to keep track of and improve ranking progress is by utilising an SEO agency and their expertise, tools and monthly ranking reports. These reports will outline all changes they make and results gained, allowing you to see up-to-date ranking results and get excited along with us!

Since working with Dandy Marketing, Scanlans have secured multiple page 1 and position 1 keyword rankings. When we first began work with Scanlans they challenged us to get them ranking in position 1 in SERP for Residential Block Management. 

We’re proud to say that our efforts were a success, and the results are still right there on Google for all to see. In fact, we have secured them over 44 first page keyword rankings since working with them.

With an intense focus on technical SEO, content strategy and link building, these rankings increased the company’s year-on-year organic traffic by 51%, resulting in an average of 61 new leads driven each month.

In another of our case studies, we showcase how we achieved 14 new Google page one keyword rankings for one of our clients in just a short period of time. This strategy included identifying opportunities for original, long-form content, building a strong content and outreach plan and defining their technical optimisation strategy. 

  1. Year-On-Year Increase in Traffic and Conversion Rates

It’s one thing to see monthly ranking reports, but how does this impact your overall website performance? To truly see the value of hiring an SEO agency, we need to look at this long-term data. If you’ve been working with an SEO agency for over a year you should be able to see good improvements in your traffic YoY.

Working with an agency will help you track progress month to month and year over year, helping you measure the true value of a long-term SEO strategy. 

Just by hiring our SEO experts, this company has seen a 1021% year-on-year increase in organic search engine traffic. This is the result of over 500 new keywords ranking on page 1 of Google off the back of our strategic efforts. This increase in traffic led to a 122% increase in demo requests, a key objective of our marketing efforts for this individual business.

Finally, we increased year-on-year traffic by 309% for this client, taking them from 0 page one rankings, to 236 page 1 rankings. We did this with targeted blog content, crafted to rank and generate traffic.

The True Benefits of SEO Agencies (With Case Studies) 4
  1. Increase in Sales & Revenue

When you hire an agency, there is a direct correlation between the SEO tactics they work on and your website’s overall success. There are numerous ways we can help improve how your website ranks and increase conversions – but if that traffic isn’t converting into sales, what’s the point? 

The most vital true benefit of expert-led SEO is that it will increase your overall sales and revenue. SEO experts know how to not only write content that ranks, but how to write content that converts too. 

That’s why it’s important that we track and monitor your traffic, conversions and sales – to ensure we’re working on the correct SEO strategies and tactics throughout, and that our results are really performing to meet your business goals.

In the case study below, you can see that with our implemented SEO strategy and PPC campaign we grew this company’s year-on-year orders by 265%, a record increase for them. For another of our clients, we increased bookings by 500% with our SEO and paid services.

For another client, just our SEO efforts provided a 70% increase in transactions, as well as a 58% increase in revenue.

In short – hiring an agency won’t just help you get more visitors to your site – it also has a direct impact on your bottom line. To really yield these true benefits, you need to make the most of a great SEO agency.

Why Hire Dandy?

As a rapidly growing remote SEO agency, we are proud of our results and think they speak for themselves, which is why we put together this guide.

Our SEO services help clients grow their online presence and build their bottom line. Whether you are looking to increase visibility and overall sales on a local or national scale, we have the expertise to make it happen.

Every client has different needs and goals, and Dandy has all the tools, specialists and resources to get them there. It is our mission to help every client we work with succeed in a way that’s right for them.

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