Digital Consultancy


Get Yourself A Marketing Department
Without The Cost Of Hiring One

Just looking for ideas for your team to implement themselves? No problem!

At Dandy, our consultancy services are a little bit different. You don’t get one consultant, you get a whole team! We’ll develop ideas across a range of marketing platforms, ensuring they integrate into your whole strategy. Use us a sounding board for a website build or to check your in-house digital activities. We can of course implement the things we suggest too, so we really do become an extension to your team.

You can use us whenever you need us. We’re marketing geeks, so we’re  always looking out for the latest ideas to help boost your business.

Digital Marketing Consultancy The Way It Should Be


Unlike most other marketing companies, we won't charge you for asking us questions! Send as many emails or make as many calls into us as you like.


We don't operate 'Business Hours', meaning you can get in touch with us at pretty much any time. Whether its 11pm on a Monday Evening or 9am on a Saturday Morning, send us a message and we'll get back to you!


You'll have a team of marketing experts working on new ideas and helping you to improve your site and overall conversions. So you get a complete marketing department at your disposal!

Do You Want To Grow Your Business Online?

Our team of marketing professionals will help you get more people to your Social channels and website and more people enquiring and purchasing. All for less than a third of the cost of hiring one marketing manager. Book your free consultation today.