The Importance of Marketing for SMEs

Let’s talk about Marketing. If you’re an owner of a SME, you’ve probably asked one of these questions before:

Is marketing really worth the investment? Can it make a difference to my business?

As an agency who deals, in the main, with companies who don’t have their own marketing department, we get asked these types of questions regularly. And we get it. You’re focused on your business, you’ve built it up and you’ve gained clients. So you’ve done pretty well so far. Plus, it seems like a lot of effort to put in.

But wait.

What if you could do even better? What if you could take your business on to the next level, for a relatively low investment, both in terms of capital and time?

Before we tackle the second question, lets delve into all the fantastic ways in which Marketing can help drive your business forward and provide the catalyst for further growth.

Marketing helps lift the invisibility cloak

You need to have an online presence. According to Marketo, 93% of all B2B purchasing decisions are made online. We’re sure you’re aware of the importance of being online, but there’s a difference between being online and being FOUND online.

Its not enough to simply have a website. You need to ensure people can find your website, which is essentially your digital shop window.

Your customers will be searching on Google to find the right solution for them. And with most 70% of all searchers choosing a link from the top 3 results that come up on Google, ensuring your website ranks well is vital.

This is where a marketing professional comes into play. An expert in SEO will identify the target keywords that your customers are searching for, in relation to the products and services that you offer. The rankings change on a daily basis, so changes and improvements need to be made on your site to ensure you maintain positions in the top 3.

A great Pay-Per-Click (PPC) strategy can also provide you with instant exposure online. Just check out the great results we got for Chiropractor Bramhall thanks to our Digital Marketing for Chiropractors package. Essentially you can ensure, for keywords associated with your company’s products and services, that you are listed at the top of the Google page. Get a proper PPC strategy in place to maximise your budget and ensure those who visit your site have a higher chance of converting into a sale or enquiry.

Marketing helps you shout about how great you are…

…And guess what, potential customers will see the good work you do and want more of the same! Posting regular updates about great work you’ve done on social media and your website will attract the attention of other, similar customers. Think of it like Digital Word of Mouth!

Marketing can directly increase your sales

Done correctly, an effective marketing strategy can ensure you put your brand in front of the right customers, at the right time. Integrating your Website traffic acquisition, Social Media, PR and on-site conversion tactics will help you drive the right traffic and convert them into sales and enquiries. Speaking to an expert will help you develop and implement this strategy, as well as providing you with the on-site content and lead capturing techniques aimed at converting as many visitors to your website as possible.

All sounds great, right? But you’re way too busy to even think about carrying out these activities yourself and using a big agency to take care of it is far too expensive.

We hear you. And we hear the thousands of other SMEs in exactly the same position.

Which is why you should look into a flexible marketing consultancy to take care of your marketing. One that doesn’t tie you into contracts and provides you with straight talking marketing solutions. Solutions that are tailored to you.

And guess what – its not as expensive as you think. Because you’re using a consultant either on set hours per month or as and when you need them, rather than paying for someone full time, you’ll be able to achieve fantastic results at the fraction of the cost for hiring just one Marketing professional full time. Plus, you don’t have any of the additional personnel costs associated with hiring someone internally.

In fact, on average you’ll pay about a third of the price of hiring someone. Plus, with a consultancy you’ll have access to a whole team of marketing experts.

So, this takes us back to the original questions. Yes, Marketing really is worth a (relatively small) investment. And Yes, Marketing really can make a huge difference to your business.

If you’re interested in getting yourself a marketing department without the cost of hiring one, get in touch with one of our team today –