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8 Tips for Building Free Backlinks to Your Website

Daniel Reeves - June 16, 2021
8 Tips for Building Free Backlinks to Your Website 2

Link building is can be one of the hardest things to do effectively and efficiently in the world of SEO.

Are you looking for the best way to build backlinks to your website? And you’re on a budget?

It may seem overwhelming or even impossible – because every strategy you’ve tried so far either requires a lot of money or doesn’t bring any results.

We get it. You’re not the only one struggling with finding the right way to build backlinks. We were you until we discovered how to build backlinks for free, and how to do it efficiently!

Now, we want to share what we’ve discovered with you. Check out these eight tips for building free backlinks to your website.

1 – Offer a Free Exchange

Simply reach out to other websites within your industry and offer them a free backlink exchange. It’s beneficial for both of you, and you may even save their time by pointing out exactly where your content might come in handy.

An important thing to note on this one, do not do this at scale. If every link you build is link this, it will likely cause a manual action as Google will clearly see the pattern in your backlink profile.

2 – Identify Duplicate Content

What do you do if you discover someone has plagiarized your content? You may file a request to take it down immediately, but what if it’s a high-authority website? You can offer them to add a backlink to your website instead of dealing with a DMCA complaint.

3 – Use Unlinked Brand Mentions

Using a simple brand monitoring tool can help you discover all the instances when your brand was mentioned without a backlink. Reach out to those websites and ask them to add a link. Many marketers confirm that the response rate for this type of cold outreach is quite high.

If you’re a well established brand and people talk about you naturally on the website this can be a very effective ways to build backlinks. However if you’re a small businesses this probably wont be the best strategy to follow as your options will be very limited, or zero!

4 – Be a Guest in a Podcast

Podcasts are booming, and many hosts are continually looking for guests so they can exchange opinions on a trending topic or an issue in their industry. If you manage to get invited as a guest in a podcast, it can get you a lot of free backlinks.

If you have the confidence, or someone in your team has, a podcast can be a great way to build your brand awareness and authority. Every niche in the world will have a podcast somewhere, and a quick Google will give you plenty of options to pitch to.

5 – Publish Trending Content

Creating shareable content often results in getting plenty of free backlinks. If you’re up-to-date about the latest events and trends, you can easily create content such as guides, tips, and how-tos that people will want to share because it’s useful.

6 – Participate in Online Communities

Quora, Reddit, and other similar websites and forums are great places to build free backlinks. Identify topics where you can contribute, post valuable answers and, for example, add a link to a blog post where you’re covering the topic in-depth.

7 – Offer Services for a Backlink

Choose a few target websites that you’d like to get a backlink from and think about what services you could offer to them. After you perform the service, you can ask the website owner to publish a write-up and add a link to your business.

8 – Create a Tool, Widget, or Useful Resource

Creating a simple, but attractive tool or widget can go a long way when it comes to getting backlinks. If you know your target audience well, you may be able to think of something they’d love.

For a more in depth look at how to do this check out ahrefs blog on linkable assets.

Simple but Efficient

Hopefully with the 8 examples above link building will look a bit easier now.

All you need to do is pick the right strategy that works for your brand and get started. Your strategy may depend on how new your brand is, what your niche is, and other factors.

Do your research and experiment, and soon you’ll discover suitable tactics that’ll bring you backlinks in no time.

Link building is a key part of SEO, and is including in our SEO packages for a reason.