Our SEO and PPC strategy and implementation have led to 1000%+ increase in traffic and increase in leads for The Freehold Collective.



Dandy has provided creative and impactful SEO & PPC services to collective freehold purchase agency The Freehold Collective since July 2021.


To kickstart our SEO and PPC campaign for The Freehold Collective, we began with a clean slate, fully optimising the three-page website from the ground up. Our initial tasks involved keyword research and on-page SEO optimisation, targeting terms that are not only relevant to the collective freehold purchase sector, but also capable of driving high-quality traffic that is likely to convert.


The combination of these strategies helped in driving increased website traffic, generating more leads and providing The Freehold Collective with increased visibility and credibility in their sector.

freehold collective case study


freehold collective case study



First things first, we had to get the foundation right for potential growth. We initiated the process with a comprehensive SEO audit that allowed us to understand the existing landscape and identify areas requiring enhancement, which included:


 – Cleanup and optimization of internal links: an exercise that improved both the website’s usability and its ranking potential.

 – Website navigation revamp: to facilitate seamless user journeys, thereby enhancing user experience and engagement.

 – Page speed optimizations: a critical aspect often overlooked but vital for retaining users and boosting conversions.

 – Thorough metadata cleanup: further strengthening the groundwork for improved search engine rankings.


From there, we identified new landing pages to create based on targeted ranking opportunities, before working on a complete web redesign that moved the website from SquareSpace to WordPress. This was mainly to create better functionality for users and drive the user experience, but also helped us with SERP optimisation efforts.


Our next step involved a strategic expansion of the website’s architecture. We meticulously built out each page with carefully curated and SEO-optimised content that would not only rank well on search engines, but also provide users with valuable insights about the collective freehold purchase sector.


We enhanced the impact of these pages by incorporating social proof — testimonials, reviews, and case studies to showcase evidence of the company’s expertise and positive customer experiences. served to bolster The Freehold Collective’s reputation and foster trust among prospective clients.


A clearly defined user journey was created to guide users seamlessly from the moment they land on the website to the point at which they become a lead. Call-to-Actions (CTAs) were strategically placed throughout the website, to guide users on their journey, encouraging them to take the desired action.



Our content strategy was instrumental in driving traffic to The Freehold Collective while building a substantial lead pipeline. Key steps in our strategy included:


 – Focused on addressing the pain points of our target audience with targeted keyword research

 – Created highly relevant and engaging content regularly

 – Attracted the audience and illuminated the value of The Freehold Collective’s services

 – Positioned The Freehold Collective as the ideal solution


One of our notable introductions was the Freehold Purchase Calculator. This innovative tool allows users to obtain an instant estimate of freehold purchase costs. We integrated an email lead form within this calculator to simultaneously engage users and capture potential leads. This strategic move has resulted in approximately 50 leads per month from form submissions alone.


Our collaboration with the client allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of the types of leads they regarded as most valuable. Guided by these insights, we were able to streamline our content strategy to attract and nurture these high-value leads more effectively.


In addition to enhancing the website, we also improved the way leads were managed. We integrated the lead capture process with Asana and client’s CRM to ensure better nurturing of inbound leads. This integration has fostered improved relationship management, thus fortifying the connection between The Freehold Collective and their potential clients.

freehold collective case study
free consultation form screenshot



Our pay-per-click (PPC) advertising strategy was meticulously executed to maximise performance.


We frequently updated ad copy to ensure its relevance and maintain high click-through rates, and monitored keyword performance diligently, pausing under-performing campaigns and adding negative keywords to trim budget waste. 


To enhance conversion rates, we:


 – Revamped the account structure to afford better control over spend by keyword groups

 – Launched campaigns to support new calculator tool & submission form

 – Adding regular search term reports to find negative keyword reports that weren’t converting.


We also introduced a new style of lead form, the success of which led to its implementation across other pages. This dynamic approach, rooted in continuous testing and learning, was instrumental in driving campaign performance.


After implementing our unique SEO & PPC strategies for The Freehold Collective, we witnessed a phenomenal improvement in their website's organic performance.


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