Our SEO strategy delivered over 200 page 1 keyword rankings, resulting in a significant increase in traffic and leads generated.



We provide Search Engine Optimisation, Content Marketing and Outreach services to Strength Ambassadors. Strength Ambassadors are a weightlifting and powerlifting gym in London who provide courses, workshops and personal training in all types of strength and weight training for all ages and abilities.


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Whenever we undertake SEO services for a client, we always begin with a thorough technical SEO audit. This gives us a comprehensive roadmap of the most critical errors, so that we can start making changes that have immediate results. We worked through key, high and medium technical SEO opportunities like changing canonical tags, fixing broken internal links, adding alt text, optimising metadata, resolving missing pagination tags, and improving overall site security.


Once the critical technical changes were made, it was time to optimise the user experience and make the sitemap easier for search engines to both crawl and index. We reviewed and rectified a previously cluttered navigation, which made the user journey simpler, quicker, and more straightforward.


Once an easier user journey was implemented it was time to support the new site structure by optimising and rewriting key service pages. Beforehand, the pages were detailed but non-targeted. So, we added search engine optimisations for both local and general keywords around weightlifting, powerlifting, strength training and ladies who lift – a Strength Ambassadors speciality. 


With those changes made, the pieces began to come together. We saw pages that had previously not been picked up start to be indexed, and in turn, start to soar in rankings which resulted in record new site visits. To give some idea, in June 2020, when we began our work, the site drove 2,000 sessions in total a month. Today, it drives over 15,000 per month. And the conversion rate? It’s up 80% YoY, and still growing monthly.



A key part of our content marketing services is developing a content strategy which is targeted, authentic to our client, and designed to get results. We build these strategies through in-depth keyword research and SERP analysis, and use our insights to build a content calendar which positions our client as an authority in their field. So that’s exactly what we did with Strength Ambassadors. We produced guides that focused on specific tips around how to improve form and perform exercises, and we dispelled common myths around weightlifting for women and the powerlifting community.


We found unique content opportunities which had low difficulty and high search volume, and we adopted a pillar and sub-pillar content strategy, which allowed us to implement semantic SEO in order to build expertise in line with EAT guidelines. All of our content was long-form, and of course optimised using the best available SEO tools on the market. 


It’s no surprise then that we saw (and still see) huge success. Strength Ambassadors currently have 32 keywords ranking in position 1, with featured snippets and image search results across the board. And overall, we rank in the top 10 Google search results for over 236 additional keywords.

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Finally, we used our tried and tested outreach strategies to repeatedly build good, trustworthy do-follow links to raise both the website’s domain authority and brand awareness. 


We found unique opportunities that allowed Strength Ambassador’s founder, Sally Moss, to share her plethora of expertise and advertise the business. These included interviews, exclusive guest appearances on industry podcasts, and posting thought-leadership articles with trusted sites in the health and fitness industry.


Strength Ambassadors were able to guest post on leading industry websites who had high domain ratings and authority, such as WomensFitnessMag, FitnessRepublic, and Ask The Trainer being the most notable.


As part of our outreach services we also create campaigns which are designed to share exclusive, new information and provide link opportunities, and so we crafted a campaign built from a survey that revealed new industry data surrounding the  myths that women regularly face in gym environments. It’s no wonder we’ve driven 208 new leads in just 9 months.


Since working with Dandy Marketing, Strength Ambassadors has seen record traffic and leads.


Highly recommended! Attentive and thorough service, helpful ‘can do’ attitude. I’m seeing great results from the work.

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Sally Moss

Owner, Strength Ambassadors


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